How To Optimize Your Website?

Website optimization is the process of tuning your site to reach first page of search results.

There are many things that can be optimized on your website. But the first thing you have to have is a purpose.

What is the Purpose?

> Selling A Product

> Keep In Contact With Your Clients

> Have Them Come To Your Store

> Call For A Consultation/Appointment

> Inform Or Teach Them Something

> Bring Traffic To Your Site

There has to be a purpose to the grand design. With that in place, the possibilities become clearer and your directions for web optimization become focused. Focus on optimizing to get your results.

6 Tips For Optimizing Your Website

SEO is Important. Not to overstate the obvious but standard SEO such as natural backlinks, alt tags, titles and keywords still are essential. So do the homework and make sure that all the basics are covered. If you do not rank your page on the search engines all else is useless no one will find you.

Speed Counts. While Google has not come out and said how that website loading speed is factored into page ranks, it is a factor. They have come out and said that slow loading sites are penalized. There are many factors that are more important like content relevance. Moz did a great study on how speed affects page rank.

Content is King. If you do not have relevant information about your product, service or business available for them to find the rest is wasted. You can design a beautiful website but it is a door stop if there is nothing there for them to read or see that will cause them to stay.

Call to Action. You have made a beautiful website and created tons of original content to entertain/inform your visitors. Tell them what to do next. Give them one and only 1 option to take. Send them to your cartwheel to check out. Have them sign up for a newsletter. Have them call you. These are all call to actions they are the life’s blood of optimization.

Keep It Simple. Too much to look at or too many choices lead visitors to leave the site you have spent so much time to craft. When visitors are overwhelmed they leave. You should guide them through your website until they arrive where you want them to be. Make it compelling but simple.

Landing Pages. For every topic or related topics, that may bring someone to your site for its expertise you should have a landing page. You do not want someone looking for example car insurance coming to your website and looking at your main page listing all of the types of coverages on everything. They will leave. If they were searching for car insurance local and they click your page take them to car insurance.

Here are some great articles on website optimization on the web:

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While the idea of building a great website that will produce results is alluring, it is also a great deal of work. You can spend hours gaining the skills to accomplish all that has been discussed above or you can get someone who already knows how to optimize websites. We are here to help you from start to finish.

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